How many times has Meghan Markle’s fashion gone wrong?

How many times has Meghan Markle’s fashion gone wrong

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be under the constant scrutiny of the public and media for every single outfit you wear? Welcome to the world of Meghan Markle. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has been a significant figure in fashion ever since she stepped into the royal limelight. Her sartorial choices have the power to send media outlets into a frenzy and sell out clothing items in minutes. But has the American actress turned British royal always got it right? Let’s delve into the instances when Meghan Markle’s fashion choices have stirred controversy.

Meghan Markle’s Influence on Fashion

The “Markle Sparkle”: Meghan’s Impact on the Fashion Industry

There’s no denying that Meghan has left a significant mark on the fashion industry. The “Markle Sparkle” phenomenon, as it’s been dubbed, refers to the immediate surge in demand for any garment or accessory that Meghan is seen wearing. But just like any other fashion icon, Meghan has also had her share of fashion faux pas.

Meghan’s Signature Style

Meghan is known for her elegant and modern style. Her preference for clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalist designs has made her a fashion inspiration for many. However, there have been occasions when her style choices have not been well received, leading to some questioning her fashion sense.

Instances Where Meghan Markle’s Fashion Went Wrong

Early Days in the Royal Family

Meghan’s entry into the royal family was a seismic event that shook the foundations of tradition, not just for her Hollywood background, but also for her unique style statements. Her early days in the royal family were certainly not devoid of fashion missteps, which were often closely scrutinized and magnified under the royal spotlight.

One such instance that quickly comes to mind was her appearance at the 2018 Trooping the Colour ceremony. Traditionally, this event is marked by conservative dressing by the royals, with the women often choosing long-sleeved, high-necked dresses in line with the Queen’s preference for modest attire.

Meghan, however, deviated from this unwritten dress code, choosing to wear a chic, off-shoulder, blush-pink Carolina Herrera dress. Although Meghan looked stunning in the ensemble, it was viewed as a fashion faux pas in royal circles, with critics arguing that it was inappropriate for the occasion.

This incident served as a signal that Meghan was not afraid to push boundaries and defy royal norms. The media was ablaze with commentary, gossip, and speculation. Some praised her for modernizing the royal dress code, while others criticized her for failing to respect traditions.

The sartorial choice was not just a testament to Meghan’s individualistic style, but also an indication of the scrutiny she would face in her new role. It was an early sign that Meghan’s tenure as a royal would be marked by a departure from the norm, in both her personal life and her fashion choices. This event was just the beginning of a series of style choices that would stir controversy, discussion, and change.

Occasions of Protocol Breaches

Meghan’s journey as a royal has been marked by a series of protocol breaches, particularly in her fashion choices. These instances, while seemingly small, have been magnified under the spotlight of her royal status, causing much debate and media buzz.

Take, for instance, her fondness for dark nail polish. While the Queen is known for her preference for a subtle shade of pink – Essie’s Ballet Slippers to be exact, Meghan has been seen donning dark shades. During a surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards in 2018, Meghan sported a black Givenchy gown, complimented by dark nail polish. This, while a common choice for many, was seen as a deviation from the royal norm and raised quite a few eyebrows.

Furthermore, Meghan has also been seen going bare-legged at royal engagements. This may seem trivial to many, but within the royal family, it is customary for women to wear pantyhose for public outings. Meghan’s decision to forego this tradition, such as during her engagement announcement photo call, was a clear signal of her willingness to push the boundaries of royal protocol.

Then there’s Meghan’s penchant for wearing pantsuits – a style traditionally avoided by royal women for public engagements, who often opt for dresses or skirts. Meghan, however, has been seen in stylish pantsuits on several occasions. For example, during a visit to Ireland in 2018, she opted for a sleek, black Givenchy pantsuit, breaking away from the traditional dresses worn by royal women.

These occasions of protocol breaches have been met with a mixed responses. Critics argue that Meghan’s choices reflect a disregard for royal traditions, while others see her as a breath of fresh air, modernizing the monarchy and making it more relatable to younger generations. These events highlight Meghan’s determination to stay true to her style and identity, even in the face of royal traditions. They are a testament to her individuality and her bold, unapologetic approach to fashion, creating a new narrative for what it means to dress like a royal.

Criticism for Overspending on Wardrobe

As a royal, Meghan Markle’s fashion choices are not just about style; they’re also subject to public scrutiny and judgment, particularly when it comes to the price tag. The Duchess has faced considerable criticism for the high cost of her wardrobe, which frequently features designer pieces with hefty price tags.

Right from the start, Meghan’s sartorial choices were a significant departure from the more budget-conscious wardrobe of other royals. For instance, her wedding dress, a custom-made Givenchy gown, was estimated to cost around £200,000, a figure that sparked widespread debate about the appropriateness of such lavish spending.

Further controversy was ignited during her royal tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand in 2018, where the cumulative cost of her outfits was reported to be around £100,000. This included a £10,000 Oscar de la Renta gown and a £4,000 Valentino dress, both of which she wore on just one day of the tour.

Critics have argued that such extravagant spending on a wardrobe is an inappropriate use of royal funds and sets a poor example during times of economic hardship. They have contrasted her spending habits with those of other royals, like the Duchess of Cambridge, who is known for repeating outfits and mixing high-street brands with designer pieces.

Defenders of Meghan, however, argue that her spending is in line with her status as a global fashion icon and point out that her influence often results in a significant boost for the brands she chooses to wear. Moreover, they contend that her wardrobe expenses are not solely covered by royal funds and that she and Prince Harry have significant personal wealth.

Regardless of the differing opinions, there’s no denying that the cost of Meghan’s wardrobe has been a point of contention, adding another layer to the ongoing public discussion about her role in the royal family and the impact of her fashion choices. The debate underscores the scrutiny Meghan faces, not just for her style, but for the broader implications of her lifestyle and choices.

Outfits That Sparked Controversy

Some of Meghan’s outfits have sparked controversy for their symbolism or inappropriateness for the occasion. For instance, the dress she wore for her Oprah interview, a black dress with white floral accents, was seen by some as a subtle dig at the royal family.

Fashion Missteps and the Media

Media Reaction to Meghan’s Fashion Errors

The media has been ruthless when it comes to Meghan’s fashion errors. From breaking down the cost of her outfits to the symbolism behind her clothing choices, Meghan’s fashion has been under constant scrutiny. This heightened attention has often amplified minor missteps into major controversies.

Public Opinion on Meghan’s Fashion Choices

Public opinion on Meghan’s fashion choices has been as varied and colorful as her wardrobe itself. She has been both celebrated as a fashion icon and criticized as a rule breaker, highlighting the polarizing impact of her unique style within the royal family.

On one side of the spectrum, there are those who admire Meghan’s modern and independent style. They view her as a breath of fresh air in the often rigid and traditional world of royal fashion. These admirers laud her for bringing a touch of Hollywood glamour to the monarchy and for pushing the boundaries of what is considered ‘acceptable’ royal attire. They argue that Meghan’s style reflects her individuality and personal brand and that her fashion-forward approach has made the monarchy more relatable to a younger audience.

For these supporters, Meghan’s style has been a powerful tool in her transition from television actress to Duchess, allowing her to maintain a sense of personal identity amidst the protocol-laden world of the royals. They celebrate her for wearing pantsuits, choosing off-the-shoulder dresses, and even deciding to go bare-legged – all seen as signs of her modern, progressive approach to royal duties.

On the other hand, there are critics who view Meghan’s occasional protocol breaches as a sign of disrespect to the monarchy. They argue that as a royal, Meghan has a duty to uphold certain traditions and norms, including those related to dress. These critics view her sartorial choices not as expressions of individuality, but as wilful disregard for the rules and traditions that come with her royal role.

For them, instances such as wearing dark nail polish, opting for off-the-shoulder outfits, or sporting high-fashion outfits with hefty price tags are seen as unnecessary and controversial distractions. They argue that these choices show a lack of understanding or respect for the institution she has joined.

In the end, the diverging views on Meghan’s fashion choices are reflective of the broader public opinion about her role in the royal family. They underscore the delicate balancing act she must perform between maintaining her personal identity and fulfilling her duties as a royal. The intense scrutiny and polarized responses to her style choices underscore the unique pressures faced by Meghan, and indeed, any individual in the royal spotlight.

Comparison with Other Royals

Meghan vs. Kate: Fashion Rivalry?

Comparisons between Meghan’s style and that of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are frequent. While Kate is often praised for her classic and conservative style, Meghan’s more modern and daring fashion has been both lauded and criticized. 

The Royal Fashion Protocol: Meghan vs. Queen Elizabeth II

Meghan’s fashion choices often contrast with the traditional style of Queen Elizabeth II, who follows a strict royal dress code. These differences have sometimes led to clashes and misunderstandings.

Meghan’s Response to Fashion Critiques

Despite the criticism, Meghan has largely remained unaffected by the fashion police. She continues to use fashion as a means of self-expression and has often used her outfits to make subtle statements about her independence and modern approach to royalty.

The Positive Side of Meghan’s Fashion Choices

Despite the controversies, Meghan’s impact on the fashion industry cannot be denied. She has used her influence to promote sustainable fashion and support smaller brands, and her modern take on royal fashion has been refreshing and inspiring for many.

Conclusion: The Intersection of Fashion and Identity

Fashion is a form of self-expression, and this is something Meghan Markle understands well. Despite some controversial choices and the scrutiny she faces, Meghan continues to use her platform to redefine royal fashion and make a statement about her identity. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. How has Meghan Markle influenced fashion?

Meghan Markle has had a significant impact on the fashion industry, often causing the items she wears to sell out in minutes. This phenomenon is known as the “Markle Sparkle”.

2. What is Meghan Markle’s signature style?

Meghan is known for her elegant and modern style, often choosing clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalist designs.

3. Has Meghan Markle ever broken royal fashion protocols?

Yes, Meghan has been known to bend or break royal fashion protocols on several occasions, such as wearing dark nail polish or going bare-legged.

4. Why has Meghan Markle faced criticism for her fashion choices?

Meghan has faced criticism for a variety of reasons, including breaking royal fashion protocols, overspending on her wardrobe, and the symbolism or appropriateness of her outfits.

5. How has the media reacted to Meghan Markle’s fashion errors?

The media has been ruthless in its coverage of Meghan’s fashion errors, often amplifying minor missteps into major controversies.

6. How does Meghan Markle’s style compare to other royals?

Meghan’s style is more modern and daring compared to other royals, leading to both praise and criticism.

7. How has Meghan Markle responded to fashion critiques?

Meghan has largely remained unaffected by the criticism, continuing to use fashion as a means of self-expression.

8. What positive impact has Meghan Markle had on the fashion industry?

Meghan has used her influence to promote sustainable fashion and support smaller brands, making a positive impact on the fashion industry.

9. What is the conclusion about Meghan Markle’s fashion choices?

Despite some controversial choices and scrutiny, Meghan continues to use her platform to redefine royal fashion and express her identity.

10. Has Meghan Markle’s fashion ever gone wrong?

Yes, there have been instances where Meghan Markle’s fashion choices have stirred controversy, but these instances are often amplified by media scrutiny.

Life is too short to be lived on the sidelines, and Meghan Markle is a testament to that. Regardless of the controversies, her fashion journey is a testament to her individuality and refusal to be boxed into pre-existing notions. Just like Meghan, dare to be unique, dare to be you. Remember, fashion is not just about clothes; it’s about expressing who you are. 

So, whether you’re a royal or a commoner, don’t let the fear of criticism hold you back from expressing yourself. After all, the world is your runway. Show them who you are, one outfit at a time.

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