28 Sep, 2023

Exploring Mormon Traditions: Do Mormons Celebrate Christmas?

Yes, Mormons celebrate Christmas as a religious and cultural holiday. In addition to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Mormons also focus on family, service, and the spirit of giving during the Christmas season. Christmas traditions within the Mormon faith include attending church services, singing carols, reading scriptures about the birth of Christ, displaying nativity […]

5 mins read

Oppenheimer: A Technical Portrayal of Human Conflicts, Emotions, and The World’s Biggest History

Hey there! Have you checked out the film “Oppenheimer”? It’s a really intense exploration of one of the most controversial figures in history. The movie doesn’t sugarcoat or justify what Oppenheimer did, but instead, it presents him as a complex individual – someone with their own flaws, strengths, regrets, and ultimately, their humanity. And let […]

5 mins read