10 Businesses You Can Start with Only $200

10 Businesses You Can Start with Only $200

Starting a business doesn’t always require a significant amount of capital. In fact, it’s entirely possible to launch a profitable venture with just $200 in hand. The key lies in choosing a business model that requires minimal startup costs while offering high potential for growth. This article aims to demystify this process by exploring ten businesses you can start with a modest budget. With practical insights, real-world success stories, and crucial tips, we’ll navigate the entrepreneurial landscape to demonstrate how you can turn a small investment into a flourishing venture.

The Concept of Lean Startups

The concept of lean startups is at the heart of low-budget entrepreneurship. Originating in Silicon Valley and now embraced worldwide, lean startups operate on the principle of doing more with less. They focus on creating a minimal viable product—a version of a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers—and then using those customers’ feedback to refine and expand the product. This iterative process of build-measure-learn allows entrepreneurs to minimize waste, adapt quickly to changes, and deliver products that hit the mark with their target audience. By starting small and being flexible, lean startups minimize risk and make the most of their limited resources, laying a solid foundation for sustainable success.

Considerations Before Starting a Business

Before you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, it’s crucial to make some key considerations. First, evaluate your skills and interests. Are you passionate about the business you’re planning to start? Do you have the necessary skills to make it a success? Next, investigate the market demand for your proposed product or service. Is there a gap in the market you can fill? Do you have a unique value proposition that sets you apart from competitors?

Also, consider how you can grow and scale the business over time. Is the business model scalable? Can you increase revenue without a similar increase in costs? Finally, make a rough plan for your business. What will your startup costs be? What’s your pricing strategy? How will you market your business? By carefully planning and preparing, you can avoid common pitfalls and maximize your chances of success. Remember, while starting a business with $200 or less is certainly feasible, it requires strategic thinking, creativity, and a lot of hard work.

Ten Business Ideas You Can Start with $200

1. Dropshipping Business: Dropshipping involves selling products without holding any inventory. You simply take orders, then your supplier ships the products directly to your customers. All you need is a website or an online store, which you can set up for under $200.

2. Freelance Writing: If you have a talent for writing, consider starting a freelance writing business. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr allow you to showcase your skills and connect with clients worldwide. The only investment you need is a computer and an internet connection.

3. Home Cleaning Service: Home cleaning services are always in demand. You can start with basic cleaning supplies, then reinvest your earnings into more specialized equipment. For instance, Toby Woodward started Aladdin Flooring with just $50 and some business cards and grew it into a thriving business.

4. Personal Fitness Training: If you’re passionate about fitness, consider becoming a personal fitness trainer. You can start by offering online classes with minimal equipment, then gradually expand your offerings.

5. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Service: Pet sitting or dog walking can be a profitable business with minimal startup costs. You can start by offering your services to family and friends and expand as you gain more clients and experience.

6. Craft Selling on Etsy: If you’re skilled at creating handmade crafts, consider selling them on Etsy. With a $200 budget, you can buy materials, create your products, and set up an Etsy shop.

7. Social Media Management: Many businesses need help managing their social media presence. If you’re social media savvy, consider offering social media management services. Shawn Christenson, a social media consultant, suggests that a credible social media manager should have at least 10,000 followers on Twitter, 500 friends on Facebook, and 100 connections on LinkedIn.

8. Virtual Assistant Services: Virtual assistant services are in high demand. Tasks can range from managing emails and scheduling appointments to handling social media and customer service. All you need to start is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

9. Online Tutoring: The online education market is booming. If you’re knowledgeable in a certain subject, consider offering online tutoring services. VIPKID, for example, guarantees that you’ll make anywhere between $14 – $22 per hour.

10. Food Truck Business: While a full-scale food truck might be out of reach with a $200 budget, you can start small with a cart selling simple food items like hot dogs or ice cream. As you earn money, you can gradually scale up

Key Strategies for Success with a Low-Budget Business

Starting a business with $200 or less requires a strategic approach. Here are some key strategies for success:

Lean budgeting: Be careful with every dollar you spend. Keep your overheads low, and always look for cost-effective ways to run your business.

Maximizing marketing with minimal spending: Utilize free and low-cost marketing methods such as social media, SEO, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Sourcing affordable resources and tools: Look for affordable or free business tools and resources. For example, you can use free online tools for tasks like scheduling, project management, and communication.

Prioritizing customer service: Excellent customer service can help you build a loyal customer base and get referrals, both of which are vital for the growth of your business.

Scalability and growth strategies: Plan for the future of your business. As you earn money, reinvest it back into your business to help it grow.


Starting a business with $200 might seem daunting, but with careful planning, strategic implementation, and a lot of hard work, it’s definitely possible. Whether it’s a dropshipping business, freelance writing, or pet-sitting service, there are numerous opportunities to turn your $200 into a profitable business. So, why not take the leap today and start your own entrepreneurial journey?

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