A Funny Addition to America’s Got Talent: Josh2Funny

A Funny Addition to America's Got Talent: Josh2Funny

America’s Got Talent has always been a platform for showcasing extraordinary talents. From singers to dancers, magicians to comedians, the show has seen it all. But this year, a new name is getting a lot of attention – Josh2Funny and a new celebrity as well. A Nigerian comedian who became famous for his viral videos on social media, Josh2Funny is bringing his wit, humor, and unique talent to the AGT stage. Let’s take a closer look at this rising star and his journey to America’s Got Talent.

Josh2Funny, whose real name is Josh Aloma, is known for his hilarious skits and impersonations. He started posting videos on Instagram in 2016 and quickly gained a massive following. Today, he has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone. In his videos, Josh2Funny often parodies Nigerian and African culture, including accents, mannerisms, and everyday situations. His humor is relatable, and sarcastic, and never fails to make people laugh.

But what sets Josh2Funny apart from other comedians is his dance moves. He has created several dance routines and challenges that have gone viral, including the “Don’t Leave Me” challenge, where he cleverly plays with words and phrases. His ability to make people laugh and dance at the same time has made him a favorite among many.

When he auditioned for America’s Got Talent, Josh2Funny brought his A-game. He performed a comedy routine that included his signature dance moves and wordplay. The judges were impressed and gave him a standing ovation. Simon Cowell even called him “the funniest person we’ve had on the show.”

But Josh2Funny’s journey to AGT was not without challenges. As an African comedian, he faced criticism and backlash from some people who claimed that his humor was not relatable to the show’s audience. Josh2Funny addressed these concerns in an interview, saying that he hoped to bridge the gap between African and American cultures. He said that comedy was a universal language that could bring people together, and he wanted to use his talent to do just that.


Josh2Funny’s appearance on America’s Got Talent is a refreshing addition to the show. His ability to combine humor and dance has made him a fan favorite, and his message of unity and diversity is more important than ever. It’s inspiring to see someone like Josh2Funny use his talent to break down barriers and bring people together. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us on the rest of the show.

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